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Originally Posted by GoJays View Post
Kofi Kingston really deserves to be released. He'd do great elsewhere, but he's being wasted in WWE. Aside from providing the exact same spot in the past couple of Royal Rumbles and being in a tag team with Evan Bourne (which I only know because of Bourne's drug suspensions), I couldn't tell you a thing he's done. I know he's won some lower-tier titles, though I have no idea which ones or how long he held them for.
Kingston is a four time IC Champ, three time US Champ, and a three time Tag Team Champion. But I agree, he is being wasted right now. In fact, if WWE would have pushed Kingston as a main event player back about three years ago during his feud with Randy Orton, I think we could be looking at a top five guy in the entire WWE. But, alas, they wasted that opportunity to protect Randy Orton from losing the feud.

At least WWE seems to be looking a little bit towards the future with the push of The Shield...

Kingston at this point has become IC/US Championship fodder. Not a bad place to be, but certainly a waste of his in ring talent...
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