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I'll preface my opinion by saying "Nice Card! Please keep me in mind if you want to sell." is not something I would ever say. Like I said before, I don't scan sketchcollectors and other PC areas and random inquire about cards. I only send inquires to posts in the box break section, and they are usually to members that I know sell a lot of stuff. Generally speaking, its usually a straight "PM me a price if XYZ is available." or I will just PM asking for a price. Sometimes I get the response "make me an offer", and if I really want the card I'll send an offer that I feel is competitive. The seller and I don't always agree on whether or not my offer is competitive, and so is life. As a buyer, I don't like to play the "make an offer" game. As a seller, I always list the price I'm looking for. Its just faster if you know where the seller values the card. No need to bother if the buyer and seller are way off in what they think a card is worth. In your example, the card is not for sale, so that is all irrelevant.

The reason I would never lead with 'D' is because its very 'beat around the bush' and I'm more of a straight-forward kind of person. Typically I would go with 'A' just to find out if the card is actually for sale. I only lead with an offer if I know the card is for sale, and I know the seller is looking for an offer (or I think their listed sale price is a little too high, or I'm trying to get a discount on a multiple card purchase). Nonetheless, for the sake of this scenario, I'll pretend I am the kind of person that doesn't just ask direct questions.

I personally would probably not come back with an offer, because a response starting with "If the price is right..." tells me that the owner doesn't want to sell unless they get an over-the-top offer. I would probably respond with something along the lines of "Thank you for getting back to me. I appreciate that you aren't looking to sell the card at this time." I would not expect any additional response from the owner of the card. And again, I would never lead with something so flowery and nonspecific.

I get plenty of inquiries. Typically, if it isn't something I'm motivated to sell, I just say "Thanks for your interest. Sorry, but the card you asked about is not for sale." Otherwise, if it is for sale, I just give them a price.

And to answer your question, if you say "make an offer" and he doesn't, its no longer rude to stop responding to him. And if you want to ignore that guy in the future, that is fine too. Like I said, once you have experience with somebody, that is going to dictate how you interact with them in the future.
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