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Originally Posted by mwheeler27 View Post
I say buy this product while you can if it's something you're interested in because this concept won't be around long. I sincerely doubt it's 100% legal.

Just think, this kind of thing can pop up everywhere if it's allowed. I might as well go out and buy a bunch of collectible coins, and a hand full of very rare, very expensive ones, package them all up, and sell to people as a grab bag style offering, making myself an unlimited amount of cash. That's what this Razor Rookie Retro product is, and if/when the Attorney Generals catch wind of it, it will no longer be available.

This is not a new concept, it's just a relatively new concept for a card company to do it. Programs like this have been shut down many times. He might get away with this one, but sometime in the future, this will cease.
Just curious, but under what laws would something like this be shut down? A person (or company) owns the cards they are selling, just because it is unknown which cards are in which packages, that doesn't make it illegal. It's exactly what the card companies do, especially with the cards that are 1 in multi case hits, or the cards that are 1 per case. You don't know which box or case those particular cards are in (and those of course are the big hits - $$$), so what's the difference here? Not arguing or anything, simply asking because I know of no laws that would make something like this illegal. I'm not a lawyer though, so basically I'm just searching for information and trying to learn something here.
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