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Originally Posted by MasterOfTheDark View Post
Just curious, but under what laws would something like this be shut down? A person (or company) owns the cards they are selling, just because it is unknown which cards are in which packages, that doesn't make it illegal. It's exactly what the card companies do, especially with the cards that are 1 in multi case hits, or the cards that are 1 per case. You don't know which box or case those particular cards are in (and those of course are the big hits - $$$), so what's the difference here? Not arguing or anything, simply asking because I know of no laws that would make something like this illegal. I'm not a lawyer though, so basically I'm just searching for information and trying to learn something here.
No problem at all. I'm no lawyer either.

You asked what's the difference between this and what other card companies do...

Other card companies actually make their own cards and sell them in every pack. There's nothing wrong with making a product and selling it. However, have you noticed how these card companies allow you to send in for insert cards through the mail for free? They have to do this to accommodate the anti-gambling laws. Many places frown upon you "having" to spend money on a shot at getting something of value other than what's in every pack. Now notice how this Razor Retro product has no cards made by Razor in each pack. Notice how there is no mail-in offer for free "insert cards".

Trust me, what Razor is doing is vastly different than what other card companies are doing, and it's my opinion that a product like this will not be on the market in the years to come. Again, it's just an opinion. I am not a lawyer. It just makes sense to me, that's all.
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