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Originally Posted by mwheeler27 View Post
No problem at all. I'm no lawyer either.

You asked what's the difference between this and what other card companies do...

Other card companies actually make their own cards and sell them in every pack. There's nothing wrong with making a product and selling it. However, have you noticed how these card companies allow you to send in for insert cards through the mail for free? They have to do this to accommodate the anti-gambling laws. Many places frown upon you "having" to spend money on a shot at getting something of value other than what's in every pack. Now notice how this Razor Retro product has no cards made by Razor in each pack. Notice how there is no mail-in offer for free "insert cards".

Trust me, what Razor is doing is vastly different than what other card companies are doing, and it's my opinion that a product like this will not be on the market in the years to come. Again, it's just an opinion. I am not a lawyer. It just makes sense to me, that's all.

To counter-discuss though, you mentioned the "print and sell" not being illegal, but there's nothing illegal about buying a product and reselling it either, which is what Razor is doing (not defending them of course, just talking).

True and good point about the wrapper redemption program. Curious to know if Razor (or any company that does something like this) is subject to those same terms since it is simply a resale of a product and not an original print run.

True, what Razor is doing is different from the original print run, but I just don't see how reselling a product is illegal. There's the obvious as far as alcohol, tobacco, and firearms due to the seller rules and laws, but trading cards? I just don't see it here.

Maybe something will come of this though and the law will either shut it down (confirming it is illegal), or ignore it (confirming it is legal), and then we'll know for sure. Heck, someone posted in this thread that someone from Razor reads the forums, maybe they can give us an answer? Oddly enough, I live pretty darn close to them. Didn't realize they were right here until I saw this thread. Or if there are any lawyers out there?
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