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Please see my feedback below.

Originally Posted by xanderthegreat View Post
Im thinking about sending about 500 cards in to try to sell. I had a few questions first.

1. Are there any promotions going on currently? How would you locate them? There are no current promotions that I am aware of. They will be running promotions at the National next month
2. Have people had success on selling on COMC? How much have people made? I have had great success selling on COMC, but you have to work at it to find the right cards. Junk will always be junk and it does not sell on COMC even at 90% or more off book price
3. What cards are best to sell on COMC? This will be discussed many ways within the pages of this thread, but I will simplify it by saying sell cards with few other copies already on the site. Have fun.

If anyone can answer these questions that would be a great help. Thanks
Concentrating on my personal collection. Please drop me a PM if you have any of the following for sale: Topps Football 1956-1959; 1961-1964, 1967-1968; Philadelphia Football 1964-1967, Autographs of Baseball/Football Vintage Stars and Hall of Famers (especially on card autos), 1990's Topps Chrome Refractor Inserts of all sports.
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