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Originally Posted by jbmets95 View Post
When does we plan on starting the draft??
Official Draft with 30 minute clock will begin tomorrow (Thursday 16 January) starting at 8 PM EST. It will run until Midnight EST, then we will pick-up where we left off on Friday if needed (same times). If we don't finish by friday, it will start Saturday at noon EST and run until completion.

Draft Rules from the Opening Post:

1. Each slot will have 30 minutes to make a pick. If you sell your pick, the time will not start over.
2. Snake draft will be the format, pick #1 through #16 then in reverse from #16 through #1 for a total of 32 teams selected.
3. Draft will start at 8 pm EST on the day following the random (weekday) or 1 pm EST if it is a Saturday or Sunday.
4. You must PM the next person and make a post in the thread after you send the PM so i can start the 30 minute clock for their pick.
5. The default team ranking is posted below in case someone doesn't make a pick in time. If you don't agree with my list, please pm me your draft wish list.

Always Looking for Cincy Bengals Rc Auto's (AJ Green, Gio Bernard & AJ Mccarron Mostly)
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