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1. Are there any promotions going on currently? How would you locate them?

Not to my knowledge. If there was a promotion, it would be on their twitter, facebook, blog, and also in the upper right corner of the home page.

I've only been on the site for a few months, but the specials I've seen so far have been a 10 cent listing sale for 2010 baseball cards (at the start of the baseball season) and a 15 cent listing sale for pre-1976 topps (3 week processing instead of 8 week processing). There have also been a couple of 10 cent shipping specials.

I wouldn't sit around and wait for a special, but if they happened to have one, I'd probably put the relevant cards to the front of my 'to do' list. For instance, when they ran the vintage Topps special, I sent in about 2,000 vintage Topps cards that I was eventually going to send in anyway.

2. Have people had success on selling on COMC? How much have people made?

So far, I've been very happy with COMC. I've been on eBay for 12 years and COMC for about 3 months. I've sold more single cards through COMC in 3 months than I've sold on eBay in 12 years. In all the years I've been selling on eBay, the most I ever had listed at one time was about 1,300 items, and it was very difficult to keep up with that many listings. On COMC, I currently have 8,800 listings, and it's a piece of cake. I could just as easily have 88,000 items listed, and maybe some day, I will.

3. What cards are best to sell on COMC?

Absolutely everything will sell on COMC, and I mean everything. Of the first 350 cards I sold on the site, there were 300 different players. After that, I lost track.

In general, rookie cards sell better than later year cards, stars will sell better than commons, jerseys, autos, scarcer parallels and inserts will sell better than base cards, and vintage will sell better than modern, but everything will sell. If it doesn't sell, you can always put your entire portfolio up for grabs, by offering it for sale as one lot.

My advice would be to go through your cards and look them up on COMC. If you would be satisfied with 1/2 of the lowest price listed for that card (or 1/2 book if the card is not listed on COMC), then consider sending it in.

Your first batch, I would recommend sending a small number with Express 7 day turnaround, a few with Priority 3 week processing, and the bulk with Standard 8 week processing. If you send in your entire batch at 8 week processing, you'll be biting your fingernails for the next 8 weeks, and it will seem like an eternity. If you have a few cards in the pipeline, then you will know more of what to expect when the bulk of your stuff hits. If you send in stuff with different processing time, be sure to put them in different boxes in your package and label them clearly. It's prudent to make several copies of the packing slip and keep one with each batch.

Be aware that people like to make offers and price your cards accordingly. Some people will offer 50% of book (the lowest they can offer) on any card they're interested in. Others will test you out with 20-30% discounts and if you accept, they might be back with a similar offer on other cards.

Unlike eBay, either party can cancel an offer / counter offer at any time. So it's best to respond to them quickly. I'd recommend countering every offer at least, but even if you reject, it's best to do so quickly, because the buyer's money is tied up in the offer until you accept, or they cancel, or the offer expires (a few days after being made).

The best way to ship cards to COMC that I've found is to use a flat rate priority box. They will hold 3 of the 550 count boxes. There will be some room in the box. I usually include some snacks in the empty space to help relieve the drudgery of sorting thousands of cards every day. Good luck!
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