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Originally Posted by maleone41 View Post
I'll take the cowgirls with pick 10.
Did you PM the next person to pick?

Draft Rules:

1. Each slot will have 30 minutes to make a pick. If you sell your pick, the time will not start over.
2. Snake draft will be the format, pick #1 through #16 then in reverse from #16 through #1 for a total of 32 teams selected.
3. Draft will start at 8 pm EST on the day following the random (weekday) or 1 pm EST if it is a Saturday or Sunday.
4. You must PM the next person and make a post in the thread after you send the PM so i can start the 30 minute clock for their pick.
5. The default team ranking is posted below in case someone doesn't make a pick in time. If you don't agree with my list, please pm me your draft wish list.

Always Looking for Cincy Bengals Rc Auto's (AJ Green, Gio Bernard & AJ Mccarron Mostly)
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