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Originally Posted by GoJays View Post
Quick question: if Sidney Crosby put up 500 points in a season, the Penguins won every single game, swept through the playoffs and won the Stanley Cup, would you deem Sidney Crosby to be the best player on the planet? Just asking.
Now you are being foolish. I have never said Sid wasn't a great player. He is, and the best PP player in the game. But I value a winner a whole lot more then scoring goals or picking up token secondary assists, sadly. Toews is a much, much better winner and it isn't even close by career accomplishments;


U17 World Hockey Champion = Gold
2006 World Junior Champion = Gold
2007 World Junior Champion = Gold
2007 World Championships = Gold
2008 World Championships = Silver
2010 Olympic Champion = Gold
2010 Stanley Cup Champion
2013 Stanley Cup Champion

He is also the youngest member of the triple gold club.


2004 World Junior = Silver
2005 World Junior = Gold
2008 Stanley Cup Champion
2010 Olympic = Gold

Hmm. Now don't get me wrong, Sid's accomplishments are impressive, but are dwarfed by Toews. Now, you can go with the whole team's win Cups drivel, but somebody has to be the leader and be the "man", so to speak. In crunch time, Toews has no peer in the NHL, while Sid is just a bit player. Did I mention Toews took all the tough assignments last Olympics and broke the spirit of OV when he played against him? Its ok. I will be rooting for the USA considering that is my country and have no problems with Canada choosing Sid as Captain.

If it was Toews, I might have been worried for USA's chances.

Good job.
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