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Originally Posted by justice41 View Post
is that all you got out of an entire case? I thought all cases had a ht per box and 24 boxes?
Yeah, that is it. Sketch cards are 1:432 packs (1:1.5 cases), although there have been a couple case breaks that had 2 sketches (and some that had none). No odds on the printing plates, but 2/case is pretty typical from what I have seen. The other "hit" is the checklist card, which falls about 1:3 boxes.

Somebody over at Scoundrel posted this card done by Jason Adams. Don't know much about it. Doesn't appear to be the same stock as the sketches, unless Jason completely covered it with a comic page. Anyway, apparently it is one card in a series that spells out SKRULL. No posted information or odds as far as I have seen. Cool card though.

The concept for this set was awesome, and I really wish UD would take another stab at it. The lack of hits and chase cards is pretty much what killed this set. UD sure has figured out how to do compelling chase cards since this release, so they should be able to better execute a similar set.
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