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Originally Posted by Nick2317 View Post
So the years when the Pens were still in the playoffs when Toews was playing in the World Championships etc make him more valuable?
Sid has a stellar one game playoff win to his credit before Toews entered the league. Toews is a much valuable player because of his proven history of being a winner at ever level of competition he has played at. To try and find fault in Toews accomplishments to prop is Sid is hilarious at best considering, you know, with both at the same level now Toews has twice as many Cups as Sid does.

Sid also didn't win his Cup without Malkin leading the way for him, while the Hawks didn't win Cups until Toews lead the way.

Originally Posted by Nick2317 View Post
Your arguing for the sake of arguing
I, sadly, have been debating and backing up my opinion with factual statistics. Sid fanboi's take it personally when somebody doesn't huff his farts. Its ok, I understand completely. Sid is a great PP player who so far this year has accumulated almost a third of his points on the PP. Nobody has never said he wasn't a great scorer or feasted in the more mediocre conference. I value winning Stanley Cups a whole lot more then a scoring title or getting secondary assists. That's just me. I would be more then happy if the Blackhawks win the next three Cups, which they just might, btw, and Sid wins the Art Ross and Hart trophy in the same time span. It would solidify both players fan bases to their opinions but this time in NHL history would belong to Toews as the consummate winner of his generation....and best player.

Good reply. I love it.
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