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Originally Posted by Nick2317 View Post
Dude why don't you run for political office your real good at spinning the argument the way you want to benefit you
Benefit me how? By stating fact? See, this translucent delusion that Sid is the best player is just opinion. Of course many of the stat mongers would like to anoint Sid the best player, and sure enough, if somebody questions it, with fact, no less, it hurts feelings. I understand this, but two Cups in this day and age with a very good possibility that the Hawks will repeat as champions surely places the onus on Sid and his legion of fanbois to either put up in the post season, or step aside so the real men can play when it actually matters. I have stated, countless times, no less, that I value a winner more then a stat compiler. Statistics don't make a career, imo, winning Cups do. Joe DiMaggio said it best; "they don't remember how many times you get on base, they remember how many rings you have". That says enough for me considering the guy has a practically unbreakable record.Sid can win every single scoring title for the rest of his career, ill take the player who wins Cups every single time.
Originally Posted by Nick2317 View Post
Your a tool as exemplified by your assinying avatar your just here to start crap and be an #@#@#@#@#@#@
What does my avatar have to do with this debate? I have been told, so far, that the NHL should shut down when Sid gets hurts, Malkin is a pick up league player (which I will get to shortly), Sid creates players like some sort of genetic wizard with a caldron in the dressing room, and that when awards are being handed out, the HWAA needs to have Sid stats and games played placed on the ballot. As preposterous as this myriad of reaching into the absurd has become, I have not once resorted to name calling, homosexual innuendo, or internet clichés. I have just provided facts, facts that just cannot be disputed unlike opinion. I knew many would be bitter, but fact is a bitter pill to swallow when it states the obvious.

Quick questions- Who has proven to be a better winner thru out their careers? Toews or Sid? And if winning is the most important thing, who would be the more important player to have?

Ill wait for an answer.

Good reply.
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