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Originally Posted by thetheham View Post
I have been told, so far, that the NHL should shut down when Sid gets hurts
really? someone on this thread told you that? OR.... did you sarcastically suggest it yourself?

Originally Posted by thetheham View Post
I have just provided facts, facts that just cannot be disputed unlike opinion. I knew many would be bitter, but fact is a bitter pill to swallow when it states the obvious.
the problem is the facts you are arguing are a non sequitur.

Toews has played on 2 Cup winning teams... true. Toews was given Best Forward at the last Olympics... true. the problem is, neither of those things proves, or even slightly suggests, that he's better than Crosby.

it's a team sport. put Toews on the Oilers and does he still have 2 Cups in the past few years? take away Crosby's Golden Goal, and Canada's Gold Medal, and is Toews still "best forward?"

Rocky Bleier won 4 Super Bowls... Barry Sanders won none, Walter Payton won 1, Emmitt Smith won 3. therefore, Rockey Bleier is better than Sanders, Payton & Smith? (sorry about the change to football.)

by your logic, Bleier is better. as much as i loved Rocky, i'm not sure any team would have taken him over Sanders, Payton or Smith.

Originally Posted by thetheham View Post
Who has proven to be a better winner thru out their careers?
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