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Originally Posted by thetheham View Post
Then watch a Hawks telecast. Chances are there will be more Toews jerseys in the crowd when/if the Hawks go to Pittsburgh then Sid jerseys. I mean…its like that everywhere else. The Hawks are only one of three teams averaging over capacity in the NHL. Pittsburgh isn’t one of them, but chances are if the Hawks come out the true colors will be shining thru in the crowds.
Toews is my favorite player and it's great that you feel strongly about his ability, but I think this is way off...

When my two daughters did a power skating session for a week this summer (Southern Ontario), there were 20 kids in the class. On the first night, six of those 20 kids had Crosby jerseys while none had Toews. In fact, the only other NHL jersey of any kind was a Bruins' jersey with no name or number. And I've seen the same picture whenever I see the Pens play in Buffalo or Toronto.

Toews is a great player, but if you're talking about popularity it's not even close. Probably also the same reason I've been able to buy some nice Toews Cup rookies for $2K while I can't even sniff the air around a Crosby.
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