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Originally Posted by thetheham View Post
So basically what you are saying is that the NHL needs to shut down right on the spot every time Sid gets himself injured to save the integrity of Sid’s scoring abilities?
pretty sure you're the only one who keeps saying that. keep trying to make it sound like others are suggesting it.... you might fool someone eventually.

Originally Posted by thetheham View Post
Then why is it recorded in the NHL archives as an “unbeaten” streak? Is the NHL itself wrong?
they, and you, can call it whatever you like. the simple fact is that they lost 3 games during that streak... or do you deny that reality too?

they might as well call it the "didn't actually go undefeated since they lost games in overtime but we don't want to upset any homers so we'll call it an unbeaten" streak.

Originally Posted by thetheham View Post
Injuries happen and are nothing but a plum excuse for fanbois.
first... yet, injuries happen. and to deny they have an impact is delusional.

second... you calling anyone else a "fanboi" is funny.

Originally Posted by thetheham View Post
Sure, it must be comforting that Sid fans can point to scoring titles and say job well done, but the fact remains he has been in the league 8 years and has failed in 7 of them, while Toews has been in the league 6 years and only failed four times. Who has better odds in winning, again?
Crosby was in the league 8 years... won the Cup 1 of them and was injured 4 of them. so he only "failed" 3 times... as opposed to Toews 4 failures. therefore, a healthy Crosby is much, much more likely to win another Cup.

Originally Posted by thetheham View Post
the relevance of the “golden goal” wasn’t impactful when, you know, the best forward award was being handed out. Makes you wonder just how important such things are, eh?
if by "such things" you are referring to the "best forward" award then you're correct... not very important at all. you can spin this any way you want, for as long as you want... when the history of the 2010 Gold Medal is revisited, it'll be Crosby and the Golden Goal, not Toews' "best forward" award, which will be remembered and celebrated.

Originally Posted by thetheham View Post
I knew it was coming. Yes, that moment time stood still and Miller let in a pillow soft goal while Toews just got off the ice with the tougher assignment of checking Kane and Kesler....Sid can score a soft goal that was more the fault of the goalie, Toews can get the bigger hardware every single time and this fan would be happy as pie.
wait, is this all part of the hockey world's conspiracy to make it seem like Crosby is better than Toews?! was Miller in on it too? perhaps the entire USA team? will Oliver Stone make a movie about this?

i'm guessing you never actually went back and watched the entire play... probably hurts too much since Toews wasn't even on the ice.

Crosby takes the puck, skates the distance, splits 4 defenders, gets his own rebound, gives to and calls for it back from Iginla & makes the shot.... yeah, what a "soft" play.

but hey, that "best forward" award is some pretty big hardware. i mean, the fact that while an entire nation celebrates Crosby's Golden Goal only you and Toews' remember that award doesn't mean it's not the most important award ever!

i suppose that's why they named Toews' captain of Team Canada for this Olympics...

Originally Posted by thetheham View Post
Then watch a Hawks telecast. Chances are there will be more Toews jerseys in the crowd when/if the Hawks go to Pittsburgh then Sid jerseys.
seriously... now you're just saying stuff that makes no sense.

as someone else has already pointed out, Crosby was still the best seller in 2013. but hey, that's just another indisputable fact which i'm sure you'll find a way to dispute.

facts are hard.

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