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Default Official Sketch Commission Feedback Thread (AP/AE/PSCs)

This kind of got started in another thread, but thought I'd set up a separate thread to track this info.

The purpose here is to share your commission experiences (good or bad) so other collectors can have an idea of what they are getting into when commissioning work.

My preference is that each poster has a single post in this thread that they use for their lists. You are welcome to add new posts to alert everyone that you've updated your post, but that will make this much, much easier to use as a reference.

If someone was on your "bad" list but later completed their obligations, please note that in your post.

I'm also going to reserve a post for the a summary list with links to the posts about them.

Hopefully this will be a good resource for those who aren't on Scoundrel or have issues with how they are doing this over there.

Artists: Feel free to respond to any feedback

(EDIT: By request, this original post by monkeymcgee was moved here.)
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