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Originally Posted by ejs23 View Post
i hear Toews is being sent to Sochi a week early to use his superhuman abilities to find and kill all potential terrorists... #SuperToews
Originally Posted by Nick2317 View Post
Do your knees hurt from constantly servicing toews genitals?
Originally Posted by GoJays View Post
I was going to ask if he had carpel tunnel from writing those long, idiotic responses, but I like this better .
Originally Posted by duwal View Post
is sucking his Toews considered a fetish?? :special:
Originally Posted by Nick2317 View Post
And there it is. The power of a difference in opinion can turn anybody considerably immature. Do try harder. The internets is serious business, it seems, at least give me something other then useless drivel I would expect school aged children to type out. Make a statement Tell me how one Cup is better then having two Cups on your career resume, at least. Keep it interesting.

And for my other fans, no worries, I will respond to everybody in due time. Good job.
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