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Originally Posted by ejs23 View Post
yeah, Hossa left for Detroit and Pittsburgh won the Cup the next year. great call.
Then went to the beloved Champions and won two Cups with Jonathan Toews. Of course its a great call. Hawk fans get to see Hossa in beast mode on a regular basis and be amazed at the best defensive wing in the league. Its not like he made a mistake choosing Toews over Sid, he obviously didn't considering Toews was the person who handed the Cup to Hoss and did the one thing even Sid couldn't do, provide him with his NHL dream of winning a Cup. But then again, that's what men do.
Originally Posted by ejs23 View Post
as for Iginla, the Pens weren't going to resign him.
LOL, Iggy was all in right after the Pens were embarrassed by the Bruins then jumped ship and took a pay cut to get as fast outta Pittsburgh as he did with an incentives laden contract the Pens could have fit under their cap easily. Why Shero himself stated Iggy had two or three good years left and could be a mentor to Bennett, hardly sounds like they didn't have an idea of resigning him, then after Iggys contract was released, Shero knew he had been had.

Two star players. Both left as soon as they could. Why is that?

Good reply.
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