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Originally Posted by Nick2317 View Post
So by your logic toews is just as good as Mario Lemieux cause they both have 2 cups rite? And I would gladly bet you wouldn't find anyone on the face if the earth to agree with that except for you and your warped view of toews rewriting the history books every time he steps in the ice so please tell me how toews is just as good as Lemieux
This debate isn't about Lemieux, but about Toews/Crosby. That's the title of the thread and considering Lemieux is retired, it isn't fair to compare somebody retired with players who are 25 and 26, respectively who are just entering the primes of their careers.

But I will say this; when Toews wins that third Cup this year he will be a better winner then Lemieux if just by numbers alone.

I also understand you made some disturbing joke about cancer in another thread. Then was so ashamed of yourself you deleted such disgusting text. I really hope you are better then that and understand there isn't anything funny about cancer. If you have a hard time debating somebody who doesn't share the same opinion as yourself, then do the right thing and don't reply instead of bringing down those stricken with a disease that kills people for your own amusement. Men don't need to stoop to such levels.

And I didn't forget my other fans. Ill get to you soon.

As always, good reply.
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