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Originally Posted by thetheham View Post
Its not like he made a mistake choosing Toews over Sid, he obviously didn't considering Toews was the person who handed the Cup to Hoss and did the one thing even Sid couldn't do, provide him with his NHL dream of winning a Cup.
except that Hossa didn't choose Toews over Crosby... he chose Detroit. then, when he didn't have an option of going back to Pittsburgh, he chose Toews. and, as we know, had he stayed in Pittsburgh he would have won that Cup.

Originally Posted by thetheham View Post
But then again, that's what men do.
seriously... what does that even mean?

Originally Posted by thetheham View Post
Two star players. Both left as soon as they could. Why is that?
yeah, because it's so rare for anyone in the NHL to do that.

better question... why is a player like Malkin, who is arguably the 2nd best player in the world behind Crosby, happy to stay in Pittsburgh? he could be THE star somewhere else... or taken more money to play in Russia. but he knows playing in Pittsburgh, with Crosby, is his best chance to win multiple Cups.

Originally Posted by thetheham View Post
But I will say this; when Toews wins that third Cup this year he will be a better winner then Lemieux if just by numbers alone.
ok, now this debate has totally jumped the shark.

again, by your logic Bryan Trottier is better than Gretzky or Lemieux.

you're entire argument hinges on 3 things... 1) Toews has 2 Cups and Crosby only has 1, so far... 2) Toews was given the award of "best forward" at the 2010 Olympics... and 3) you like Toews and dislike Crosby.

honestly, point 3 is your strongest argument... cause the other 2 don't hold up.

the completely subjective, almost arbitrary, "best forward" award means little... especially in the face of Crosby scoring the winning goal (and the fact that Toews had 1 single goal during the entire tournament).

the 2 Cups v 1 Cup is a fair argument but it's not proof of anything except that Chicago was the best team those 2 years while Pittsburgh was the best team only 1 year. unfortunately, this isn't a debate over which team is/was better... it's about which player is the best. you seem to be missing that point.

and really, the answer to all of this is in the question itself. to prove that Toews is better, you have to argue that he's better than Crosby... the road has to lead through him. however when arguing that Crosby is best, it's deciding if anyone measures up to him... Toews, Malkin, Ovechkin, Stamkos, etc. and i doubt many would put Toews first on that list.

anyway... if you got nothing other than "2 cups" and "best forward," then i'd say there's no real debate left. let's just wait, watch and see what happens going forward... starting in Sochi.... where Sid is the Captain.
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