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My father died from cancer so you can get bent dude you and your debate is a joke you need to get a life you are turning into one of the more laughable blind fans on this site 300+ posts of stirring the pot with your nonsensical jibber jabber garbage people wait for your replays not to debate with you but to see how out to lunch you are with your reply

Your "stats" are a joke on a team sport as are you. You lost any respect from anyone when your one of the douchebag fans calling people fanbois if cups is the measuring stick to you on greatness then you would be glossing over how many hof players that are leaps and bounds better than your man child Brett hull,teemu selanne, and with your warped logic one more cup makes toews just as good as Steve yzerman which people would be glad to debate you on who's better

So keep up with your pathetic love fest and being the butt of jokes on here from being a delusional narrow minded ignorant jack off.

You start threads on here just to stir up crap or make stupid comments just to rile people up you bring nothing to this site as a hobbyist so in closing I'll let you get back to masturbating in the corner while I will sit here and be proud of my father my team and my player that sucks according to you I'll be a fanboi like you
I wont ship in a PWE no matter the value Im not that shouldn't be either
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