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Originally Posted by ejs23 View Post
you're entire argument hinges on 3 things... 1) Toews has 2 Cups and Crosby only has 1, so far... 2) Toews was given the award of "best forward" at the 2010 Olympics... and 3) you like Toews and dislike Crosby.

honestly, point 3 is your strongest argument... cause the other 2 don't hold up.
This is what the op's entire sermon is based upon.

You could drag this thread out for another 10 pages if you so choose, throw in "2 Cups", "best Olympic forward", "leader", or whatever adjective you like but the biggest (and most damning) counterpoint to anything you've had to say here is what Kane said.

Kane has the same 2 Cups that Toews has. He has the same Conn Smythe trophy Toews has.....and he still thinks Crosby is the best player in the league. He's not some schlep 4th liner enjoying the view in between his 5 shifts per game.

Again...opinion....except the guy who voiced it is a teammate of Toews and every bit as talented as the guy you feel is better than Crosby. It's also more meaningful coming from a guy who actually plays in the NHL and has faced Crosby on the ice and watched Toews up close every day.

Unless I missed it somewhere I don't think anyone here has said they dislike Toews yet everyone who thinks Crosby is the better player, according to you, is a "fanboi". That's not objective thinking on your part. It's petty jealousy and dislike for Sid.

You like Toews. We get it. You're argument has reached the point to where you're now declaring Toews more of a winner than Lemieux. That's absurd. Lemieux is among the best to EVER play the game. He's top 3-4 all time depending on where you put Gretzky, Orr, and Howe on your list.

Toews isn't even in the top 3-4 players playing today. That's not a dig at you, it's not rattling your cage, it's simply looking at the whole picture. Toews plays on a stacked team. His success is his team's success as much as it is for Kane, Hossa, or any other 2 Cup winner on that team.

You act as if the 2 Cups he has were earned solely on his will and determination to carry his team on his back. There's only been one instance where that damn near actually happened and that was when Messier did it in New York.

I like Toews. I think he's a tremendous player. I'm not a "fanboi" of Crosby either however I think he's phenomenal but it's time to let this go.

Personally I feel Datsyuk in his prime was better than both of them but that's just my opinion.

Come to think of it......stay tuned for my "Datsyuk vs Crosby and Toews" thread.....or not.

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