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Originally Posted by PackAttack419 View Post
okay im in for 2 spots right now, but before I pay, I just wanted to make sure... it's 12 boxes with 4 hits per box and ONE HOT BOX per case which means 4 extra hits. at least thats' what every website and sell sheet is saying, even blowout's own sell sheet, as opposed to 56 hits. i'm not sure if this was already pointed out by someone, but wanted all this confirmed before i sent payment, thanks
This is straight from blowout's website:

UPDATE 5/4/10:
Each Crown Royale case will yield two boxes that contain 4 autos and 4 memorabilia cards, one box that has three autos and one memorabilia and nine boxes that yield two autos and two memorabilia cards. Each 12 ct case will contain 29 autos and 27 memorabilia cards.
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