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Originally Posted by mortuus View Post
Yes im crazy for having to wanted a card of one of the best goalies ever.... not really a ovechkin fan i hate him and his shitty auto
Yea verily, his auto is careless and of turdburgler proportions. But, keep in mind, it's most likely a Russian autograph -- is Brodeur's autograph of Killebrewian proportions?

I'm not a huge fan of Ovechkin -- I'm more enthralled about Backstrom. But I have probably been to ~30 some games that he's played in so ... it's nice to have a second auto of his (my other is from the '11 Winter Classic which I was also at).

It'd be senseless to get into a Brodeur Vs Ovechkin/Backstrom argument so let's just agree to disagree
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