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Originally Posted by thetheham View Post
Toews plays a much more complete game.
aka... he's a jack of all trades, master of none. i mean, he's only 20 points behind Crosby at this point in the season. not to mention that Crosby has more face off wins, hits, blocks, power play points, etc.

but please, tell us again how Toews is a "more complete" player.

and Pittsburgh has also won more games than Chicago... so Sid is winning the "wins" too. indisputable.

and, despite his being polite and "asking permission" (some reporters words, not Sid's), Crosby is the Captain of Team Canada... as Toews said, "Crosby is the guy."

hardware? let's see... Stanley Cup, Gold Medal, Hart, Art Ross, Messier, Richard, Lindsay, etc. but yeah, Toews was mvp of his pee wee league or something... that's cool too. let us know when Toews gets a Lindsay... then we'll know his peers feel the same way about him you do. clearly they agree with the rest of us about Crosby. but what do they know, they only share the ice with them.

popularity? no brainer... look in the stands at any Pens away game. measure it by jersey or card sales. whatever you want, Crosby is the face of the NHL.

Originally Posted by thetheham View Post
I love this. Sid actually asked Toews for permission to wear the C. How embarrassing it must be for Sid Nation and how humbling it must be for Team Toews.
not sure why, but there was a point where i thought the OP actually wanted to engage in a serious discussion/debate... now i realize he's just repeating nonsense which even he can't actually believe.

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