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Originally Posted by thetheham View Post
Of course Toews would say that, he is media savvy. Its doesn't change the fact that Sid asked for permission, like a child asking for a cookie, from his master (Toews). Its ok, Sid Nation, Sid is captain because Toews allowed him to be. But that's just Jonathan Toews for ya and cannot be refuted unless, of course, TSN is just making this up.

I do love what Babcock said about Toews;
"He's earned the right to be a captain with Canada: two Cups, Olympic gold," said Babcock. "I don't know what else he's won. It seems more than that. He's a pro who does it right every day. He's a 200-footer. To me, hes an impressive, impressive man."

Yes, Two Cups, 200 foot player. The same things I have been saying. Great minds do think alike since Babs is the best coach in the NHL.

Oh, such a bitter, bitter pill this must be for Sid fans to take orally, or for the butt hurt, as a suppository. I love it I tell ya, love it.

Good reply.
Of course Babcock would say that, he is media savvy.

Funny how when Kane said Crosby was the best player in the NHL, you immediately disregarded that statement and just passed it off. Yet when Babcock compliments Toews (he never says he is better than Crosby, just compliments him), you immediately present it to everyone as proof that you are right. You only care about things that support your statements and of course ignore everything that goes against your argument.

Nice reply though!
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