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Since this has been the top thread in hockey for what seems forever (please make it go away) I will give my opinion. I preface it by saying I'm from the MD area and despise all sports Pittsburgh and I especially can't stand Sidney Crosby. But I respect him as.....wait for it.........the best player in the NHL. Toews is great in his own right and to bring Lemieux(who I also despised) into the conversation is laughable. Lets see where Toews is in 5 years - then MAYBE he could be in a conversation with someone such as Messier.
If theham wants to base the arguement off the 2 Cups, well OK if you want to base it off just that. All these stats you bring up and then add what ifs to them mean very little, what if Sid were given more ice time as well or put into different situations? You sucked me in - good for you - I never in my lifetime would expect to defend a Penquins player, but I guess that shows you how much in the minority you are.
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