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The card you posted earlier that was on Ebay was for sell before the whole Razor Rookie Retro concept and they forgot to pull it from Ebay. I think I read this on FCB.

I have been all over the web for that Stu Ungar Cut and haven't heard of it. I opened myself several cases without luck. With only 299 cases of 12 boxes it might be out somewhere in a PC. Maybe still packed? I would not start telling it never made it to the packs tough. If you compare to the 2007 Poker release I would say hits were in the packs. Not in 2007. I think I have seen enough of 2007 case cracking to say they weren't packed, but in 2010 it's different.

I honestly think you would need a bunch of lawers to determine if what Razor is doing is against the law. Might be different from one state to another, same thing from a country to another. I'm no lawyers neither, but I don't see how it is different from other card product up on the market. Cards are lotery period. Stop hidding behind wrappers and redemption. When I buy a box I'm putting at risk a certain amount of money hoping for the big hit. I have no idea where I will end up in return.

When I'm buying a chocolate bar, I know what I will get and how much it's costing me. Cards are different and I don't believe they could established in court enough difference between Razor activities and other cards companies to shut down this type of product.

Of course I might be wrong, but I know one thing for sure, Razor ran a legal background check on this prior to release. The addition of some of their own "exclusive" cards are probably the conlusion from their legal advice they get.

Like it or not, Razor is moving the water in this hobby swamp. I think at the end they will bring up something good to the hobby. One thing for sure, since this hobby is acting like a casino does, they should be ruled by the same intergrity process. Maybe that's what Razor will bring, integrity reinforcement in the hobby.

*sorry for my english. 1st language is french.
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