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Originally Posted by CharlieHustle View Post
The current plan looks like Batista will win the Rumble and Orton will retain the title.
Then WM30 is Batista / Orton, where most likely, Batista wins.
I believe Cena's plan is to be involved with Hogan in some capacity, but if Hogan doesn't sign before the Mania push, then Cena will be involved with the Wyatts for Mania.
FWIW, this post was from Jan 7.^^^

Look forward to:
Batista / Orton,
Punk / Triple H,
Cena / Bray Wyatt
Daniel Bryan / Sheamus

for your WM30 card.

After Mania, look for a Batista / Lesnar summer-long feud ending at SummerSlam, in a title match.
There is no Daniel Bryan title run coming anytime soon, IWC.
This is the new WWE.
#learn to love it
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