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Originally Posted by Kingofkings1281 View Post
I mentioned the previous internet darling in my post. Now that Punk has made it, he's not important. At least he had something to say and offered something relatively new to the business. All Bryan has is that moronic catchphrase and a ridiculous looking beard. Yes, he's good in the ring, but he's not someone I will lay down money to see. He doesn't entertain me. I apologize if that doesn't make me part of the in crowd.
Here is where I'd agree with you 100%. The problem with Daniel Bryan is what happens once he makes it? I'd argue that what makes him such a fan favorite is the fact that he is constantly pushed down in favor for the big, established stars. Maybe Bryan could break through and become a long-established star but to me, he does not have the look or gimmick to have a ten-year plus career. While I agree that Batista was such an obvious winner which destroyed the suspense of the Rumble, I'm not sure who else could have been the winner of the Rumble outside of Batista.
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