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Originally Posted by cruiserdaddy7 View Post
Did they forget they had an ebay name with a ton of stuff listed that they stated was in Razor vault? Were they mistaken by producing a 3k a pack product with a TON of fake autographs in it? Do yourself a favor and dont argue for this company when it comes to integrity.
lol. Ton of fake auto in a 99 packs production? One or 2 were identified suspicious and Razor contacted the owners to solve the issue pretty fast.
Try to find 99 cut autos like they did to produce this product with 98% of them being genuine. Second Razor were not selling those packs 3K$/pack, resellers were on ebay since the product was in high demand and rare.

Please do yourself a favor and stop spreading false informations when you just don't know what you are talking about.
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