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Originally Posted by cruiserdaddy7 View Post
Its good to see Razor has a fan on this site. You are one of the few I can tell you. And you say false information? Lets start with the presidential series. For such a high SELLING product, wouldnt you think this reputable company would have put AUTHENTIC signatures in it? You are excusing a manufacturer for placing fake autographs in a product now?
Next lets go to Razor Vault. This company has an eBay name where they are selling many of the hits pictured on the box? Once people catch on then they stop! Doesnt seem a little shady to you?
Lets head now to this little Rookie Retro product. Hmmm, Gray says on video he has spent months buying the cards for THIS PRODUCT. He then releases a sell sheet with the picture of a Jason Heyward Superfractor. Then in yet another eBay debacle, Gray has the darn card LISTED ON EBAY for sale. A mistake? Well yes, since he got caught lol. If it were truly meant for this product, why would he even be selling it?
The track record here speaks for itself. You can defend them, but you will have a hard time doing it. Everything I have written is completely FACTUAL. Have we seen the top pulls from Razor poker or legends of the diamond yet? No, but I guess they could still be out there. Kinda odd neither product has produced the big monster hit. We could get into the rumblings about UD owning this company and backing them financially, but Ill save that for later. Your making look foolish defending this joke of a company. Heck, they cant even product their own cards that sell. Lets make products of other companies cards, advertise hits that nobody pulls, and sell them to crazy people dumb enough to buy them. I guess Brian Gray is smart on that note.
True we saw all the Razor Poker hits being pulled. Except the Stu Ungar cut. It's a 1/1 why do you think you will see it. What don't you understand in the 1/1 concept. If I grab it and put it in my PC, you will never see it. It might pop-up in 30 years when the guy that own it dies.

It's not a surprise to me that you don't understand this simple thing.

It's not that "joke" of a company that made me laugh, it's more people like you who will never try to do something by themselves and laughing at people that does. That's making me laugh.

Another question I'm asking to myself is why do you think you can tell him how to run his business? Where are your shares in this joke of company?

Give me a break with your "FACTS". You know what, I heard you killed your brother on the Internet. I know it's true because it was posted on a forum by someone I don't know and hidding behind a nickname! I'll bring this FACT to the court with me against you.

And by the way I don't care being the only Razor fan in the whole world, I know you are not able to stand alone with your opinions, but that's not my case. I don't need to bash Razor to make myself friends on the forums.
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