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Since everyone else chimed in, I guess I will too......

Hard to compare these 2, totally different players. Crosby is more talented offensively, Toews is a far better 2 way player (see the save he made last night?). The fact that Toews is in the discussion at his age with Crosby, has to be considered (maybe this debate should take place in 2025). If I were the Pens, I would have a hard time trading Crosby for Toews. If I'm the 'Hawks, I would never trade Toews for Crosby and break up that core, just too much chemistry with Sharp and Hossa. Toews style is perfect for the team he is on, and the same for Crosby. Just so hard to compare in a sport that is so team oriented.

The only other thing I would say in Toew's behalf is the west is far superior to the east. More points to be had vs. east opponents.
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