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Originally Posted by mkcorey View Post
I've sent several inquires on this problem but have not received a reply

I sent in a shipment of cards which I posted prices on 7/16/10.

There is at least one card which was missing from my cards that i know i sent in.

The card is a 2007 UD masterpieces Derek Jeter 5x7 card

The card was off center on the back.

Can anyone help me with this?

If it isn't in your inventory, you should've received a notice when your batch was complete that 1 or more cards were being returned to you. They can take at least a month to get any cards back to you that they couldn't identify in Beckett. Once I got that notice and had to beg them to keep the card they were sending back because I'd confirmed it was listed in Beckett and backed it up with screen shots of Beckett's online price guide showing the card.
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