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I want to make a COMC account because I don't like the idea of listing everything I want to sell on ebay. I just have a few questions(sorry if they have been answered but it's alot of posts to go through)

1. I am looking to send in a large amount of cards from cheap base to inserts to gu autos. From what I see on the site 8 weeks is 15 cents per card(Would be about $40 bucks for me to send everything). Do they ever offer something faster then 8 weeks for 15 cents with bulk shipments. Or even offer 8 weeks for a cheaper price.

2. How would I go about shipping. Would team bags be ok or should I send them in toploaders, and if I do send in toploaders do I use ups to ship?

3. When I cash-out. Is it possible to only cash out a portion(say I make $200, can I take $100 out)

Again, sorry if these questions have been asked it's just alot to read through.
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