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Default Nice trip to the LCS! 03-04 Chrome BIG HIT! LeBron refractor rc!

Went to my lcs to do a little trading. He was low on singles I liked so I asked him what we could do on packs. He normaly doesnt trade packs, but said he would trade some older stuff. I went for football, but had him toss in 6 packs of 03-04 Topps Chrome Basketball & it netted the only hit of the break!



It is ft for High end Football mainly, but would look at other sports. Looking for around $200-250 sv (bv is $400), maybe a bit more if trading down. It is has a flawless surface & flawless corners. Its prob about 60-40 l\r & t\b on the front & probably 50\50 l\r & 70/30 t\b on the back.
lmk if interested!

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