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Sadly, I'm going to agree with Chris. On every Beckett it shows "for entertainment purposes only". The fact is, since early 2000's/creation of ebay. It has been a poor way in my opinion on how to value cards. Many people on this forum, other forums across the nation would agree on this fact and say the true value is the cards sell value. Sadly, I don't see beckett coming close to SV on 90 percent of their cards listed.

However, with that said, the initial response with bold letters with the amount of 1/1's I felt could of been handled more professionally and in my mind I can see how it sparked people to be angry. Often we do so beckett with loaded boxes and often our money goes towards these boxes and we don't come close. We are influenced by the break to make the decision. Such that case if we were buying a house. We would be angry if we saw pictures of a house and when we bought it because of the "real estate salesman" said it would look exactly the same and went into the house seeing there was crap smeared across the walls we would be upset to. Hell, your bad box is my good box. Sadly, this is what happens with beckett often, and I am sure if I wanted to I could make this statistically significant. Don't have the time, variables, etc. etc.

I personally feel that he was right in the fact it is the companies fault for sending loaded boxes, as a marketing major, you are naturally going to send a top notch line product to your influencers (word of mouth marketing) which beckett is exceptionally good at. Look at the hype of the strasburg bowman, I can say that beckett is partially responsible for that.

Second, knocking Olds for the 9.5 strasburg is also wrong and he was right in his response there as well. Most companies use a divisional structure which I believe is what beckett uses so the magazine, online network, beckett submission and other facets of the company are managed differently. By referring you to the head of BGS is actually the best he could of done in his situation to be honest.

Now I don't know what you do with the cards from these boxes, but why not make readers happy by maybe sending out the cards randomly to your yearly subscribers along with their magazine (even if its a base card). It adds value to the magazine, makes readers happier, and lastly helps gives another selling point to the magazine (and more happy readers with 1/1s show up at their doors. To me it would be a win-win.

There are 4 major things I see wrong with beckett
1. Major issues with lists SV to BV often being wrong. However, I can see how this can't change because if they lower all the cards to the SV I can see it continuing to drive lower and lower and could hurt whats left of card stores around the nation.

2. The "loaded box breaks" either there has to be a sit down with companies (which I believe it is topps, upper deck, paninis) fault for sending these boxes in the first place into finding a better way of handling this, maybe having a board member winning the early break and having the cards instead of beckett doing so. Why? Because as collectors it is nice to see another collector receive the cards and not you guys. No offense, I don't know what will happen to that pujols and if im a pujols 1/1 supercollector i'd prob be pissed.
or B - prior suggestion of mass mailings of adding value in your magazine

3) Lack of added value in magazines - I'm sorry a 8 price point I feel is very high for your magazine. I remember when there were promo cards etc in these. I can see doing something more for yearly subscribers more then 2 bgs submissions as well. Sorry, I don't see that as enough. The raffles are good, but its a start. i think beckett can do better here. The price point also applies online. Again, I don't feel that beckett is even close to these values (SV vs. BV) and to pay x amount (5-8) bucks a month seems rather high. I feel a price point of 3.99 online month per section and 5.99 a month per issue would be more effective, although no marketing statistics to prove this, more of a opinion then fact.

4) The beckett website is the biggest mess of information I have ever witnessed and that is why I will never go there. Somebody get a couple web developers and clean that up. The top section, bottom toolbars look professional. But man the front page needs to be cleaned up, and there has to be a cleaner format to the message boards there. Its a pain in the ass to navigate in my opinion again.

Well. Rant done
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