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From the Horse's mouth on Twitter:

StevenLJudd So Beckett got a loaded box, big deal. I "packed" quite a few of them over the years. Get over it. It's part of the business. Geez.....

That my friends, in my opinion is a very serious admission to unfair trade practices. Mr. Judd is now a Beckett employee. Make of this what you will. Judd followed up with:

Just to be clear, Beckett or the folks who work there have nothing to do with the "loaded" boxes they receive. It's the PDT/marketing.....
.....people at the card companies that plot and scheme to jerrymander the box/boxes.

Obviously this means that Beckett knows that it happens yet ignores it and presents the boxes as being representative of the product. Do with it what you will, although I don't know how this can be taken any other way than the way that I do.
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