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Originally Posted by WhacksPacks View Post
The bigger issue here imo is the number of "1/1's" highlighted for baseball alone....that is VERY distrubing and shows a MAJOR problem in this "hobby" of MANY
I wonder how many of that number came from Topps Moments and Milestones alone? Add to that the press plates that are in every product (which I personally don't really consider to be true 1 of 1's) and I think the end number would be much more reasonable. Its not like average boxes of any product are yielding even one much less multiple 1/1's. I don't think its really a problem at all and certainly not a major one. The secondary market is smart enough to differentiate between a Topps Moments & Milestones Red 1/1 or a regular press plate and a Bowman Chrome Superfractor or Topps Platinum parallel 1/1. The difference is in the price. The truely rare stuff still sells high. The "junk" 1/1's don't dilute all 1/1's, collectors as a whole are smarter than that.
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