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BTW - I read the rest of the comments posted after the article on beckett and still don't really see what the big deal is. I think Chris handled the responses professionally and still don't really see what I should be outraged by. Beckett really doesn't have anything to gain by companies sending them loaded boxes, so even if it happening I think people need to focus their rants where they belong, and thats with the companies sending the boxes. It does seem beckett pulls an unusual amount of nice hits from their box breaks compared to what I see opened at shows or my LCS, but I see nice stuff... better stuff even... come from local boxes. It just usually takes multiple cases to produce what they get in a couple boxes. But again, I don't blame beckett for that if there is anything/anyone to be blamed at all. I'll say I've watched where beckett has had below average boxes too. I tuned into the Topps Series 2 box break and saw nothing pulled that I would even consider above average, much less a great pull.

I have issues with many things about beckett/BGS, but have always thought that Chris was one of the only guys associated with the company (thats a public figure anyway) that seems to really care and have a feel for his customers. I have even more respect for him after the way he handled this. It seems like when Jim Beckett sold the company, things started going downhill and it became way more corporate than it used to be. Chris seems like one of the only "throwbacks" that still tries to stay in touch with the hobby and its customers. I appreciate the effort and professionalism he gives in the face of grade school name calling.
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