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Default My TTM Success thread

Just starting TTM's, looking for any suggestions of players to send to, I'll keep the OP updated with sent/success failures. Here's what I've sent so far:

Pat Neshek- c/o Twins- 2010 Topps base, 2010 Topps Target Field set card

Success, 4/2, 14 days

Toby Gerhart- c/o Vikings TC- 2010 Score Hot Rookies, Prestige Rookie SUCCESS!
2/2 personalized, 52 days

James Laurinaitis- c/o Rams TC- 2010 Prestige, 2009 Bowman RC


Jared Allen- c/o Vikings TC- 2010 Score All-Pro


Herschel Walker- c/o Home- 2 cards, one Vikings, one Cowboys

Success, 2/2, 7 days


Pat Neshek c/o Rochester Red Wings
RTS, needed more postage

Dallas Clark c/o Colts

SUCCESS 1/1 45 days

Drew Brees c/o Saints
RTS needed more postage

Brian Duensing c/o Twins SUCCESS 1/1 7 days, personalized

Carlos Gomez c/o Brewers

Koji Uehara c/o Orioles 0/1, 13 days, signed the sleeve

Jon Rauch c/o Twins SUCCESS 1/1 7 days

Matt Capps c/o Twins

Jeff Reardon c/o Home SUCCESS 1/1 plus inscribed toploader, 20 days


Pat Neshek c/o Rochester, w/ 2 stamps 2/2 16 days, 1 smeared

Drew Brees c/o Saints w/ 2 stamps


Jimmy Clausen c/o Panthers
Drew Butera c/o Twins
2/2 32 days

Ron Gardenhire c/o Twins
SUCCESS 1/1 9 days

Michael Cuddyer c/o Twins
Brian Duensing c/o Twins
SUCCESS 2/2 12 days

James Laurinaitis c/o Rams
SUCCESS 2/2, 16 days

Eric Decker c/o Broncos
SUCCESS 2/2 17 days

Joe Nathan c/o Twins
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