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Instead of badges, they should have given free submissions.

I'm just glad that we can finally earn History Points by doing something which is actually useful. The previous way of earning History Points actually was a complete waste of time.

I don't disagree that COMC coulda done this or shoulda done that, but they are doing this now. If they want to grant additional perks for power users of the site, I'm all for that as well. At the very least, this is a step in the right direction. It should be encouraged, not denigrated.

I'm always in favor of free submissions, but in this particular case, they probably aren't the best option. COMC has 2 million unique items which need to be cataloged. All of this initialing is just one process in creating that catalog. It might require 10 or more processes to create the catalog. So, that would be 20 million processes. If COMC gave a free submission for every 50 processes, then they'd have to divert enough manpower to process 400,000 submissions. The whole reason for recruiting the customer base in the first place is to avoid diverting COMC staff. So, in this particular instance, badges and raffle tickets seem to be reasonable perks.

Certainly, the perk has been sufficient for COMC nation to crank out approximately 1 million processes in about 1 week's time. So, it would appear that bigger perks aren't necessary at this point in time.
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