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Default 4 Fun boxes of Totally Certified - A lot of SP/SSPs

For about $80 a box - 4 packs - yields 3 autos per box plus another 3 mem hits as well..
here is my summary - not in BOX order.. just overall.. as I am using a online checklist to remind me of what I got...

Jonathan Quick Auto - Social Signatures - Hardsign auto - website says its a Super Short Print - none online as yet
Jaromir Jagr Auto - Totally Certified Auto - NJ Uniform - none online as yet...shows as a Short Print auto as well
Also Tomas Hertl and Sven Bartschi autos from above set.. ok I guess
others as well.

RC Auto Patch / Tag Cards

Tyler Toffoli - Mirror Platinum Blue Prime #10
Olli Maatta - Platinum Blue Prime # 25
Jordan Schroeder - Platinum Blue # 25
Marek Mazanec - Emerald Tag # 5
Cory Conacher NNO

Mem Cards
Certified Competitors Jersey - Lindros Messier
website shows this as a SP as well..

Clear Cloth #100 - Ryan Murray

Totally Cert Patches
Bernie Nicholls # 9/25 - his jersey number for those who go for that stuff.. reg jersey card is an SP also..
Travis Zajac #22/25

EPIX Play jersey - Alex Ovechkin

Rookie Role Call
Patch - Nathan Beaulieu #d 25
Jerseys - Morgan Reilly and Connor Murphy

Rookie Cards Red (100) and Blues (100) and Gold (25)
Grigorenko red
Trouba red
Dumba Blue
Ed Pasquale Gold
10 other base Rookies

I bought one SPX BOX and One Totally Cert to start - with the premise that I would buy more of the "Funner" break..
My SPX got me a nice Monahan RC # 249 and Patch(Tiny white) Conacher #d75 and Tarasenko jersey NNO and Tony Twist materials... also Reilly and Barkov Rookies cards among others.. One auto for $100.. not fun..
I went on to break 3 more Totally Certified boxes as that was definitely the more Star powered and hit powered break..

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