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Default Lots of Action Figures: Marvel, Muppets, DC

Description Price
Marvel Masterworks Everyone Versus Galactus $125.00
X-Men Classics Cyclops $90.00
Marvel Legends Galactus Build A Figure $75.00
Fantastic Four Classics Transforming Super Skrull Clear Variant $60.00
Palisades Muppets 2004 Exclusive Adventure Kermit $60.00
DC Super Heroes Martian Manhunter 10" $50.00
Palisades Muppets Janice Silver Top $50.00
Transformers Commemorative Soundwave ToysRUs Exclusive $50.00
Mr. Potato Head Tony Starch $40.00
Marvel Legends VIII Doc Ock $35.00
Marvel Select Civil War Iron Spider-Man $35.00
Palisades Muppets Pepe the King Prawn $35.00
LotR Return of the King Talking Gollum $30.00
Marvel Legends Mr. Sinister $30.00
Marvel Legends VIII Iceman $30.00
Nintendo Gamecube Mario Bobblehead Target Exclusive 31,997/40,000 $30.00
Spider-Man 2 Doc Ock Tentacle Attack $30.00
Spider-Man 3 Limited Edition $28.00
Marvel Legends III Magneto $25.00
Marvel Legends VI Phoenix $25.00
Spider-Man Classics Magic Change Mysterio $25.00
Superman Returns Lex Luthor Sculpture Best Buy Exclusive $25.00
Palisades Muppets Koozebane Kermit Target Exclusive $22.50
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Lord Voldemort $20.00
Hellboy Blood & Iron DVD with Figure $20.00
LotR Light Up Glass Goblet Gandalf, The Wizard Burger King $20.00
Marvel Icons Beast Grey Variant $20.00
Marvel Legends II Hulk $20.00
Marvel Legends Silver Surfer Limited Edition $20.00
McFarlane Halo 3 Master Chief Series 1 $20.00
NECA Sin City Nancy Black and White $20.00
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Toddler Turtles $20.00
X-Men Classics Angel $20.00
X-Men Classics Archangel 2006 $20.00
X-Men Classics Stealth Beast $20.00
Jakks Spongebob Squarepants Swap 'n Bop $20.00
Marvel Legends First Appearance Hulk Green Variant $18.00
Fantastic Four Power Blast Invisible Woman Variant $15.00
Masters of the Universe Orko 2002 $15.00
NECA Sin City Hartigan Color $15.00
Palisades Muppets Dr. Phil Van Neuter $15.00
Spider-Man Origins Signature Series Punisher $15.00
X-men 2 Wolverine Collectible Resin Statue $15.00
Marvel Legends III Daredevil $12.00
Spider-Man Origins Signature Series Iron Spider-Man $12.00
X-Men Classics Archangel 2004 $12.00
Batman Begins 2005 Gold Batman Exclusive $10.00
LotR Two Towers Legolas $10.00
LotR Two Towers Twilight Ringwraith $10.00
Marvel Legends Bullseye Variant $10.00
Marvel Legends II Dr. Doom $10.00
Marvel Legends Signature Series Cyclops $10.00
Robot Chicken and Mad Scientist $10.00
Spider-Man 3 Titanium New Goblin $10.00
Spider-Man Origins Signature Series Black Suit $10.00
Batman Begins Ra's Al Ghul Variant $8.00
Ty Hershey's 100 Cocoa Bean Bear $8.00
Johnny Lightning Monopoly Corvette JL140 $5.00
Johnny Lightning Monopoly Willys JL141 $5.00
LotR Two Towers Gollum $5.00
Ty New Year 2007 Bear $5.00
Johnny Lightning Topper Series Stiletto (Blue) $5.00

Photo Album

Prices are negotiable. I based them on average eBay sold items.

Cash only, no trades.

Ask me about shipping. Most items will require boxes around 12x12x6 and will weight around 1lb.

Feel free to ask for photos or more details on condition. 90% of the above items are mint/near mint.

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