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I think 10 or 12 teams is the best, let's not get crazy

I don't want to give up my keepers I have been working on that team for two years, my vote is to have them either take over a roster or have them draft from the abandoned teams in a six round draft, then the rest of the players enter the draft pool

I agree, more keepers, I think last year we were 25 player rosters, to answer the next questions. 30 players is a great number, keep 15 sounds good, I don't want to keep too many, I like the element of having to pick and choose

YES NO MINORS, pick who you want, if you want just enough major leaguers to fill an active roster, go for it, and have a full bench of Buxton, Correa, Baez and so on

Scoring is just fine

Payouts are ok, I think we should remove the weekly payouts though, have a regular season champ payout or division champs payout, and winner/runner up
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