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I would have no problem moving it to just a straight points league w/ no h2h. personally I'm not a big fan of h2h, but thats not a big deal to me. we have 10 guys coming back. we should try and get everything finalized this week/weekend. wtyson, I believe, told me he has somebody. So we would be looking for 1 more if we want to cap it at 12 members.

the 10 members we have coming back are listed at the top of the original thread. anything you want to see changed, please post so we can vote on it this weekend.

question would be if we keep 6, do we keep all of our minor players, or should be just say keep any 6 you want, and everybody else gets throw back.

my proposals would be:

-Expand rosters to 30 players, 3 DL spots

-Keep 6 this year, then expand keepers to 15-18 going forward
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