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Originally Posted by death2redemptions View Post
I was really looking forward to having Maddux sign some Heritage. Why wouldn't Topps include him in the checklist now that he has signed for Topps?

There are some good names on the checklist...Chipper Jones, Frank Thomas, Bo Jackson, Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, Ernie Banks, Michael Wacha and Don Mattingly are all names I'd really like to pull but I bet like in past years a couple of those big names will be super short printed (most likely Mays and Aaron).

However, without at least one or two of the following: Maddux, Trout, Koufax, Harper, Cabrera, Ripken, N. Ryan, Bogaerts or Griffey I find the Real One checklist to be relatively weak. I know some of those names have dual and triple autographs but I'm just speaking of the Real One checklist.

There are some pretty sweet dual and triple autographs in this product, all of which will be redemption cards.
The Real one checklist traditionally includes only active players and players who were in the respective Topps set on which Heritage is based (1965 in this case).
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