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Default Silver and Gold bullion F/T for .22 LR ammo

Getting a little low on .22 ammo, and seeing if any one had some out there they would want to trade for either silver or gold bullion. Looking for fair prices and not the crazy price gouging prices you can find all day long online. Here is my silver and gold.

9 grams of gold

3 of the 4 Austrailian Map shaped proof coins #/6000

2 proofs and 2 colored eagles

Austrailian Antarctic Emperor Penguin Proof #/6000

1 oz Kooks and Koalas and 10 oz Kooks and Koalas

Silver Eagles and 6 oz Buffalo

Maple Leafs, Taku, Libertad and (2) 2 oz Libertads, 2011 Panda, 2012 NCG MS70 Panda

Mint roll of 2012 Kookaburra Dragon Privy. (4) JM bars, Engelhard, APMEX, (5) 10 gram bars, (10) one gram bars

5 oz, 3 oz, 2 oz, (8) one oz Monarch Precious Metals hand poured bars

10 oz Scottsdale Reserve bar, 10 oz Silvertown hand poured, (2) 5 oz Silvertowne hand poured, (2) 5 oz Scottsdale Prey bars

New silver: 10 oz bars

5 oz PAMP, 1/10 oz gold eagle
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