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1. How many teams do we want this year?? currently 9. get to 12, try to get to 14 or 16?

12 teams will be perfect

2. Any new teams that join, do they take over a team? do we re-draft? do we hold 6 and then new teams do a draft with all the players thrown back in until the get to 6.

Any new managers should take over a team and then we draft from the players remaining.

3. Increase keeper total going forward(my other dynasty league holds 30 of a 39 roster size) Not saying it should be that crazy, but a true dynasty is that way. I think depends on how #1 & #2 are answered

I think what the others were saying with having a roster size of 30 with up to 15 keepers sounds good to me.

4. No more minors BS, call ups, ect. Increase roster size to 30?? That gives you 16 starters and 14 bench spots. Draft whoever you want. You want 14 single A guys, you got it. While i'm sure there are some, I am not aware of dynasty league that have actually Minor League spots. They give you a roster and you can do what you want with it.

Agreed, the whole minors system was fun, but quite confusing. I am in favor of having a team of 30 players and you can take whoever you want, major leaguers or minors.

5. I would not change scoring system, I think that is fine. If enough people wanted to change it, i think we would need to re-draft. since this is a points league, a couple little changes can dramatically increase/decrease a players value.

the scoring should stay the same, should we decrease the # weekly transactions to decrease pitcher streamlining?

6. Divisions/Payouts will depend on number of teams so that can be decided later.

the weekly payouts were a nice way to keep people interested, but it seemed like the same people who it every time. Maybe we should change it to most points scored week 1, most doubles week 2, most HR week 3, most pitching Ks week 4, etc. Something like that
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